The Breakfast Fight

Each morning I wake up to hearing Avery's little feet pitter patter through the house.....actually let me rephrase. Not pitter patter more like thump thump thump (shes not exactly light or quiet in the morning) and every morning she stands at my bed saying "mommy the suns up breakfast time".  Then "Avery's hungry"  Shocking (not)since the kid eats like a 10 year old.  Then 5 minutes you hear Hadley up and chatting away in her own baby language of course. Then its breakfast time.  Joey and I bicker quite a bit about food he seems to think that cereal is not a meal...or mac and cheese is not food. My version is why make things from scratch...I know he is Italian and things have been passed down that way but the time you make homemade pasta from scratch and clean up the kitchen the day is over.  So that argument is still not settled.  Weekdays we have eggs, cereal, oatmeal and things up my alley that are simple and easy and weekends are daddy's breakfast which include sausage, eggs with onions etc, pancakes (The works). I am exhausted thinking about the process, all planned and thawed out by Joe the night before.  Sometimes Joe strolls in the house during weekday breakfast, and asks Avery what did you have for breakfast?  She so happily replies "Cereal"  he laughs and proceeds to tell her he will cook breakfast this weekend. Now if I could only figure out how to find a way for Joe not to like my cleaning maybe we could have him clean as well.. Life would be great !! I think I will work on that and while we are on the subject I am off to clean.  If I made money for cleaning my own house and picking up each thing I would be rich!!
Missy Adiego